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Fishing Report 3-29-23

The best time of year to fish is right now! Springtime is among us, and the fish are biting all kinds of lures. The water temperature is trying its hardest to get into the 70s, but these cold nights we've been having is keeping the water in the upper 60s. Today the water temp on the main lake is about 67 degrees. If you can find water protected from the wind, there might be some 70 degree water with some giant largemouth in it! Word around the bait shop is the bass are biting all kinds of presentations. Moving baits like spinnerbaits or crankbaits, bottom baits like Carolina or Texas rigs, and also suspending baits like jerk-baits have all been catching good fish around the lake. The wind and cold fronts are what change the bite in the spring. Those windy days can be a challenge but a spinnerbait or chatter-bait could produce some bites. On the days without much wind, a jerk-bait can really be good for those suspended bass on days with little wind. A big thing to keep in mind is water temp. If the water is a little bit cool, slow down your retrieve. The bass wont move as fast on cold days as they do in warmer temperatures. This time of year the fish could be in all depths of water so do some searching to find where they are. If you need some tips, come by the Lake Purdy Bait Shop or give us a call at 205-991-9107

The big ones aren't gonna catch themselves!

See you on the water!

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