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Friday Night Contest Fishing RULES


Weekly entry fee of $30. $5 of each weekly fee goes into the Big Fish pool. The heaviest fish each week takes the entire Big Fish pool money. An additional $5 is retained for the Classic and Points championship prizes. The remaining money will be awarded to the top four finishers for the week when 15 or more boats are entered: 50% to First, 25% to Second, 15% to Third, and 10% to Fourth. If 8 to 14 boats are entered, prize money will be divided three ways: 60% to First, 25% to Second, and 15% to Third. If 6 or 7 boats are entered, the prize money will be divided two ways: 70% to First and 30% to Second. If 5 or fewer boats are entered, First place takes 100% of the prize pool.

POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP: Trophies or prizes will be awarded to the top two teams in the points standing at the end of the 16 week series. Weekly points will be awarded as follows:

  1. Points awarded 1st place-8 pts., 2nd-6 pts., 3rd-4 pts., 4th-2 pts., 5th-1 pts.

  2. One point for every legal fish weighed in (5 fish limit)

  3. Two points for every weekly contest entered.


All teams entering 8 or more weekly contests qualify for the classic October 2nd.

Boating Rules:

  1. No private boats are allowed on Lake Purdy. (Including NO Kayaks) 2. Participants can use their own trolling motors or outboards up to 10 horsepower. 3. All boats must have regulation running lights which can be purchased at the Lake Purdy store. 4. Boats must fish at least 100 feet away from another boat.

Team Rules:

  1. Two people are signed up as a team and listed on the Tournament Card. 6. Contest participants cannot fish Lake Purdy prior to 6 PM start on day of the contest 7. Two people are signed up as a team and listed on the Tournament Card. Substitutions are allowed for subsequent weekly tournaments, as long as one of the listed team members is participating. Participants can only fish for one team.


  1. No live bait fishing. Result will end in disqualification. 9. Alabama Rigs and similar multi-lure presentations are not allowed. Result will end in disqualification. 10. NO trolling or snagging. Result will end in disqualification.


  1. Weekly tournament starts at 6 PM and weigh-in no later than 12 a.m. All live wells must be checked by tournament official or (Lake Purdy employee) before tournament begins. 12. All participants in the tournament must be at the designated weigh in area (scales) NO LATER THAN 12:00 a.m. The scales are located at the entrance to the Lake Purdy Bait Store. Teams arriving to this weigh-in area after 12:00 a.m. will not be weighed. 13. LIVEWELL: Each team is required to use an aerated live-well. Guide boats are equipped with aerated live wells and can be used. Teams not using boats equipped with aerated live-wells must have a portable aerated live-well with capacity of at least 48 quarts. Failure to use an aerated live-well will result in disqualification from tournament. 14. Each team must transport a limit of no more than 5 fish in the team's live-well (capacity of at least 48 quarts) to the weigh-in area to be presented to the contest officials. If a team attempts to weigh in or bring six fish to the scales during weigh-in, the penalty is disqualification from tournament. 15. Each Team's catch will be weighed and recorded. Each team member must see their weight along with the officials and agree to weight and limit. 16. Once a team leaves the scales all weights and limits are final. That team cannot weigh again. 17. All live fish are caught and released.


  1. 18. No more than five Bass, no less than 12 inches in length caught by legal means from Lake Purdy during designated contest time. 19. A Penalty of 8 ounces will be assessed for every dead fish at weigh-in. 20. If a team attempts to weigh in a short fish result will be disqualification from tournament. 21. After the team's live-well and fish are brought to the weigh-in area no fish can be added to or removed from the live-well. 22. The contest officials are responsible for applying penalties. Decisions of the contest officials are final. 23. Two contestant officials may not be from the same team. 24. Once the scales are closed by the two officials NO OTHER FISH WILL BE WEIGHED!!! 25. All prizes are final after the decision by the two officials. Prizes will be presented by the two officials.

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