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LoCALs, Atkins and Russell get fourth win in Week 15, September 18

Only one more Friday Night Tournaments remain in the 2020 season. The Classic Championship is scheduled for Oct. 2nd. The Classic is opened to teams fishing 8 or more Friday Nights in the 2020 season and all teams currently qualified are designated with * on the points table below. Two teams currently need to fish one more tournament to qualify for the Classic and they are marked with +. A series of Wild Cat Friday Night contest is on tap for October this year. No take out for these contests. All the entry fee money will be awarded for each contest. And you can fish with anyone you want. Try a new partner or switch it up just for fun. Call the store and express your interest (205) 991-9107. Click this link Friday Tournament for details and all the rules. The surface water temperature of Lake Purdy has dropped to 77 degrees and that has the bass feeding up especially on crawdads. The cooler temperatures are also favored by team LoCAL, Jerrod Atkins and Justin Russell, as they climbed back into the winners circle on September 18th with a total weight of 12.97lbs, which included the big fish of the night. Zac Hall and Johnny Hill got second with 11.545 lbs which puts them in the drivers seat for the 2020 points championship. Mike Forrester and Scotty Lewis finished third with 11.08 lbs. Points Standing After Week 15, September 18th, 2020

Team Points Total Wt. Purse *1. Zac Hall/ Johnny Hill 180 pts 158.05 lbs $928 *2. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 171 pts 149.11 lbs $732 *3. Jerrod Atkins/Justin Russell 147 pts 133.01 lbs $741 *4. Mike Forrester/ Leathers/Lewis 146 pts 134.41 lbs $337 *5. Mike, Nicholas & Tyler Wolfe 134 pts 121.62 lbs $406 *6. Dennis and Mike Faulkner 81 pts 68.84 lbs $0 *7. Jeff England/ Tony Marlowe 79 pts 73.89 lbs $314 +8. Evan Denenberg/ Trent Gilmore 53 pts 49.29 lbs $40 +9. Charlie Burns/ Karen Hallmark 28 pts 18.47 lbs $0

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