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Fishing Report 2/12/23

Spring is right around the corner here at Lake Purdy and the fishing is getting better by the day! Multiple 5lb bass were caught last week and then Ronnie Davis caught a 6lb bass right before the weekend!

We have heard good reports of the crappie biting up in the shallow water around submerged trees and other cover. Multiple limits were caught this week trolling and fishing cover with jigs or live bait. The cold-fronts are part of springtime in Alabama but as the water warms up the bass and crappie start to move up into the shallow areas to spawn. Our fishing blog has some quick tips on how to fish Lake Purdy during the pre-spawn to spawn transition. The bank fishing is also getting good along both bridges. (Hwy 119 & Grants Mill Rd.)  The weather is about to be perfect for quick evening fishing trip to catch a few crappie to fry up!  Check out our facebook and instagram pages for pictures of the recent catches and lake updates to see whats happening at Lake Purdy! If you have any questions, stop by or call the Lake Purdy  Bait Shop for some helpful tips!

(Ronnie Davis 6.13lb - 2/8/23 -Top Left )

( Nick Bland 5.45lb - 2/4/23 - Bottom Right) 

( Wesley Wolfe 5.34lb - 2/5/23 Bottom Left)

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