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Weather is has been cold, but the Crappie have been biting!! 
 Fishermen have been using jigs and tuffies. They are still on the deep side.  


Tips for Success - Fall Fishing at Lake Purdy

Autumn's embrace at Lake Purdy sets the stage for some of the year's best bass fishing experiences. As the colors change and the air cools, savvy anglers know how to adapt their strategies to lure in that big catch. Here are some tailored tips to help you succeed:

**1. Diversify Your Lure Game: It's easy to fall into a routine with your lure choices. While topwater frogs are popular, don't overlook the power of the Topwater Spook or whopper plopper, the Spinnerbait, and definetly not the swimbait. These lures can attract aggressive bites, particularly during early morning or late afternoon.

**2. Year-Round Favorite - The Jig: Regardless of the season, jigs remain a reliable choice. In autumn, bass are known to favor crawfish, and a well-presented jig mimics this prey perfectly. Not only are they versatile, but they're also champions at attracting those hefty bass looking for a substantial meal. Fish it slow and be patient, big bites come to those who wait. 

**3. Swimbaits for the Win: The beauty of a swimbait lies in its realistic swimming action. Pair a 1/8 to 1/4 oz swimbait head with a 3.2-3.8 inch 6th Sense Divine Swimbait, and you've got a recipe for success. The lifelike motion is irresistible to bass, making it a go-to for many experienced anglers. The swimbait will catch many fish this fall and winter while also making a perfect trailer for your spinnerbaits and chatterbaits.

**4. Target Strategic Locations: Think like a bass! Some prefer to stay close to their territory, lying in wait for food to come to them. Consider the areas with shallow covers that are close to deeper waters. These transition zones can be bass goldmines.

**5. Nighttime Lows are Gold: It's the overnight temperatures that play a significant role in bass activity. A series of cooler nights can trigger increased movement and feeding, so pay attention to those evening forecasts.

**6. Celebrate the Cold Fronts: While many dread the onset of a cold front, as an angler, you should welcome it. These periods can activate the bass, leading to more frequent and aggressive bites.

Conclusion: Fall at Lake Purdy offers a unique and rewarding fishing experience. With the right strategies and lures in hand, you can make the most of this season. So, embrace the chill, enjoy the tranquillity of the lake, and may your catches be both plentiful and impressive! Keep your fishing arsenal loaded with all our favorite Fall lures from 6th Sense Fishing & more at the Lake Purdy Bait Shop! Check our Blog and Social Media channels for updates, events, and more! 
***9-7-23*** Upcoming Fall Events
- Family Bank Fishing Events
- 2023 Fall Photo Contest 
- Check back for dates and more information!


8/30/23- Dont Let The Heat Get you Beat! Check Out These Hot Tips for Fishing Success!

A Glimpse into Lake Purdy: History, Species, and Summertime Fishing Tips

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Birmingham, Alabama, Lake Purdy stands as a testament to the region's rich natural history and angling heritage. As the summer sun beats down and water temperatures rise, it's crucial for avid anglers to understand the lake's history, the species it holds, and, most importantly, the strategies to lure those prized catches, even in the sizzling August heat.

A Short History 

Long before Lake Purdy became an angler's haven, it served as a reservoir, meeting the freshwater needs of the Birmingham community. Over the years, it has remained a recreational hub, where families, tourists, and seasoned anglers come together year round to celebrate the joys of the outdoors. Its serene waters, flanked by Alabama's signature forests, tell tales of community, conservation, and an undying love for fishing. Since its creation in 

The Diverse Species of Lake Purdy

Lake Purdy, with its expansive waters, is home to a rich variety of fish species. While many come in hopes of catching the celebrated Spotted Bass, others find joy in reeling in the spirited Crappie and the elusive Catfish. Not only are there plenty of sport fish to go around, theres also many other  species such as bluegill, darters, suckers, and many more.  Each of these species offers a unique fishing experience, demanding varying techniques, baits, and strategies, especially during the scorching summer months. 

Summertime Fishing: Strategies and Tips

With water temperatures soaring into the upper 90s, understanding fish behavior becomes paramount. Here's a concise guide to targeting Lake Purdy's favorites:

1. Bass (especially the Spotted Bass):

  • Deeper Dives: In the sweltering summer, bass tend to retreat to cooler, deeper waters. Explore areas around submerged structures, deep channels, and drop-offs.
  • Early Morning and Late Evening: These are prime feeding times when the water is slightly cooler. Employ topwater lures like poppers and walking baits during these hours.
  • Slow Down: Bass are lethargic in the heat. Slow-rolling a spinnerbait or jigging with a soft plastic can be particularly effective.

2. Crappie:

  • Shaded Spots: Crappie seek refuge in shaded areas during the summer, so target spots like docks, submerged timber, or thick vegetation.
  • Use Live Minnows: In the warmer months, live minnows become an irresistible treat for crappie. Pair them with light jigs for optimal results.
  • Vertical Jigging: As crappie go deeper, vertical jigging becomes a potent technique. Drop your jig to the desired depth and maintain a steady rhythm.

3. Catfish:

  • Night Fishing: Catfish become more active during the cooler nighttime hours. Consider a nocturnal fishing session for better chances.
  • Stink Baits & Cut Bait: The heightened metabolism of catfish in summer makes them less picky. Use stink baits or cut bait to draw them out.
  • Deep Holes: Catfish love to settle in deep holes or channels in the heat. Explore these areas with patience.

While the August heat at Lake Purdy can pose challenges, it also offers unique opportunities for those willing to adapt and learn. The shimmering waters of this historic lake hold secrets and joys that only true enthusiasts can uncover.

Ready to dive into a summer fishing adventure at Lake Purdy? Equip yourself with these tips, stay hydrated, and enjoy the thrill of the catch amidst nature's beauty. Dont forget to check our Social Media pages for events, recent catches, and much more!