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Wolfe Pack wins Week 6 Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest

The Wolfe Pack, Tyler and Mike Wolfe, won in Week 6 of the Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Series. The 2019 Classic Champions also had the big fish of the night to bring their purse to $133 for the night. Fishing was tough for all the teams on Friday May 7th with the winners weighing only 4 fish for 9.84 lbs. The average winning weight for the first five weeks of the season was 13.22 lbs so this was was one of those off nights. The Mountain Men, Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia, finished second and maintained their lead in the Points Championship race.

Points Standing After Week 6, May 7th, 2021

Team Points Total Wt. Purse 1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 84 pts 73.54 lbs $463 2. Mike & Tyler Wolfe 65 pts 53.54 lbs $198

3. Mike Forrester/ Leathers/Lewis 63 pts 48.37 lbs $156

4. Johnny Hill/ Zac Hall 45 pts 40.03 lbs $72

5. Dennis and Mike Faulkner 44 pts 35.93 lbs 6. Jerrod Atkins/Justin Russell 32 pts 28.26 lbs 7. Jeff England/ Tony Marlowe 22 pts 16.47 lbs $36

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