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Mountain Men Win Again at Lake Purdy Week 2

Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia, The Mountain Men, won week 2 of the Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest on April 9th. Their winning weight of 14.48 pounds was 4.5lbs better than the second place finish by new comers, Johnny Hill and Zac Oats. Mike and Tyler Wolfe captured third and had the Big Fish of the night, 4.365lbs. Weather was on the chilly side but the fishing was very good. Every team weighed in their limit of 5 fish. The Friday night Bass series is just getting going and new participants are welcome every Friday night through August.

Points Standing After Week 2, April 9th, 2021

Team Points Total Wt. Purse 1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 30 pts 28.2 lbs $198 2. Mike & Tyler Wolfe 22 pts 17.65 lbs $30

3. Dennis and Mike Faulkner 18 pts 16.28 lbs 4. Mike Forrester/ Leathers/Lewis 15 pts 12.80 lbs 5. Johnny Hill/ Zac Hall 13 pts 10.91 lbs $36

6. Jeff England 13 pts 9.395 lbs $36

7. Jerrod Atkins/Justin Russell 12 pts 11.15 lbs

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