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They are the Yankee Doodle Boys

The Mountain men, Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia, shown here near their mountain home won again on the Fourth of July weekend at Lake Purdy. All Teams weighed in a limit of five fish with the winners at 14.86 lbs to a low of 6.24 lbs for the Wolfe pack in 9th place. Father and Son, Sam and Sammy Hartzog, finished second with 14.64 lbs and Mike Forrester and Chris Leathers captured third with 12.02 lbs. Lake Purdy is hiring landing crew. Apply in person at Lake Purdy.

2022 Season Standing July 1st

points Weight prize money

1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 174 pts 159.54lbs $1132

2. Wolfe Pack (Mike and Chris) 130 pts 121.99bs $306

3. Sam and Sammy Hartzog 123 pts 121.72lbs $342

4. Mike Forrester/Leathers/Lewis 119 pts 110.09lbs $273

5. Johnny Hill 89 pts 86.53lbs $284

6. Charlie and Karen Burns 86 pts 77.54lbs $88

7. Dennis and Mike Falkner 83.5 pts 76.33lbs $80

8. Jeff England/ Sam Vaughan 74 pts 68.4lbs $491

9. Jeremy Singleton 50.5 pts 31.09lbs

10. John Brasher/Justin Hefner 43 pts 40.34lbs $54

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