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"There will always be an England"

Jeff England won again on August 6th at the Lake Purdy Friday Night Fishing Contest. His total weight of 11.775 lbs included the Big Fish of the night, 3.76 lbs. Johnny Hill, also fishing by himself, finished second with 9.325 lbs, To this point in 2021 the average fish weighed in is 1.82 pounds compared to last years average of 1.79 lbs. The percentage of teams weighing in a limit of 5 fish also improved to 74% versus 68.5% in 2020. All this to highlight the excellent Bass fishing on Lake Purdy this summer. Could be due to the abundant rain this summer which has kept Lake Purdy at full pool and the water temperatures cooler than normal.

Points Standing After Week 19, August 6th, 2021

Team Points Total Wt. Purse 1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 239 pts 215.97 lbs $1277 2. Johnny Hill/ Zac Hall 179 pts 157.68 lbs $385

3. Mike Forrester/ Leathers/Lewis 174 pts 142.74 lbs $283

4. Mike, Tyler and Wes Wolfe 150 pts 126.21 lbs $423

5. Jeff England/ Tony Marlowe 132 pts 99.18 lbs $746

6. Dennis and Mike Faulkner 131 pts 106.61 lbs

7. Jerrod Atkins/Justin Russell 94 pts 77.11 lbs $153

8. Charlie and Karen Burns 31 pts 21.43 lbs

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