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The Beatles Have split Up

The Mountain Men, Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia, have been as dominate as the Beatles over the past five years of Lake Purdy competitive fishing. But it's hard to keep the band together. Artistic differences have lead to the dissolution of this Lake Purdy super group. Now all the other teams will have a chance to step up and take the money. That is what David McGinnis and Lee Morgan did July 8th when they took first place with a total weight of 16.315 lbs including the big fish of the night 5.09 lbs. The Wolfe Pack took second with 12.48 lbs and closed the gap in the season points standings listed below. John Brasher finished third with 11.645 lbs.

2022 Season Standing July 8th

points Weight prize money

1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 174 pts 159.54lbs $1132

2. Wolfe Pack (Mike and Chris) 143 pts 134.47bs $371

3. Sam and Sammy Hartzog 132 pts 132.61lbs $342

4. Mike Forrester/Leathers/Lewis 126 pts 120.59lbs $273

5. Johnny Hill 97 pts 97.34lbs $284

6. Charlie and Karen Burns 93 pts 85.73lbs $88

7. Dennis and Mike Falkner 90.5 pts 85.38lbs $80

8. Jeff England/ Sam Vaughan 74 pts 68.4lbs $491

9. Jeremy Singleton 57.5 pts 34.88lbs

10. John Brasher/Justin Hefner 54 pts 51.99lbs $93

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