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Summer Bass Fishing Starts Strong

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia came in First Place again this week. They must stay busy splitting their winnings for first place (12.05lb) and big fish (3.345lb) in week 9. Memorial Day weekend was also good for Johnny Hill in second place and rising in the standings and new comer, John "Wild-Man" Brasher who got his second straight third place finish. We have been averaging 9 boats as we head into summer, a productive time for night time bass fishermen. Come join the fun! details at

2022 Season Standing May 27th

points Weight prize money

1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 116 pts 96.54lbs $589

2. Wolfe Pack (Mike and Chris) 95 pts 85.44lbs $306

3. Sam and Sammy Hartzog 72 pts 61.39lbs $232

4. Mike Forrester/Leathers/Lewis 62 pts 49.63lbs $90

5. Dennis and Mike Falkner 54.5 pts 44.07lbs $80

6. Johnny Hill 50 pts 40.86lbs $218

7. Charlie and Karen Burns 47 pts 34.57lbs $64

8. Jeff England/ Sam Vaughan 44 pts 38.43lbs $117

9. Jeremy Singleton 34.5 pts 21.76lbs

10. John Brasher 22 pts 18.94lbs $54

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