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Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest (Week 3)

Updated: Apr 26

Mike Forrester & Chris Leathers bring home the 1st place check and Big Fish!

Week 3 of the Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest was one you didn't want to miss! The rain didn't stop our best anglers from ripping lips! First place and big fish went to Mike Forrester & Chris Leathers, who had 5 fish totaling 16.330lbs with Big Fish at a 4.605lb spotted bass! Second place went to The Wolfe Pack, Chris & Mike Wolfe, who had 5 fish at 12.400lbs total and almost won big fish with a 4.470lb bass. Just a few ounces shy of that Big Fish money! Right behind them in third place was Alex Smeraglia and Johnny Hill, who had 5 fish with a total weight of 12.350lbs. A big thank you to all the guys who fished Friday night, we wouldn't have a contest without all of you! Get ready for week 4, the big bags are coming!

2023 Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest Points Standings (Week 3)

Team Name - Weight Points Winnings

1) Alex Smeraglia & Johnny Hill 37.02 lb 37 $203

T2) Chris Leathers & Mike Forrester 34.55 lb 29 $153

T2) Mike & Chris Wolfe 31.98 lb 29 $45

T2) Sam Hartzog & Jennifer Holt 30.81 lb 29 $24

T5) David McGinnis & Lee Morgan 25.43 lb 26 $120

T5) Charlie & Karen Burns 24.65 lb 26 $130

7) Tyler Wolfe & Lake Weidler 23.66 lb 23

8) Jeremy Singleton 10.78 lb 15

T9) Mike & Dennis Faulkner 8.50 lb 7

T9) Butler Dobbins & David Anderson 5.28 lb 7

T11) Fischer Houser & Jonathan Harris 2

T11) Bryan McAlpin & Michael B Brazil 2

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