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Going It Alone Pays Off in Week 7 at Lake Purdy

Alex Smeraglia, fishing alone and without a leader, won with 12.423lbs on May 13th. Johnny Hill, also a lonely fisherman, captured second with 10.79lbs and also got the Big Fish of the night 3.665lbs. All the other teams, with two fisherman, also caught caught their limits of mostly spotted bass. The prized large mouth bass have remained elusive the the last couple of weeks. So come and join the Lake Purdy fun even if you can't find a partner. You may find it lucrative. Rules and details at

2022 Season Standing May 13th

points Weight prize money

1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 86 pts 70.76lbs $283

2. Wolfe Pack (Mike and Chris) 80 pts 70.81lbs $306

3. Sam and Sammy Hartzog 53 pts 43.44lbs $187

4. Mike Forrester/Leathers/Lewis 46 pts 34.75lbs $90

5. Jeff England/ Sam Vaughan 44 pts 38.43lbs $117

6. Dennis and Mike Falkner 39.5 pts 29.45lbs $80

7. Charlie and Karen Burns 33 pts 21.50lbs $64

8. Johnny Hill 30 pts 21.00lbs $173

9. Jeremy Singleton 24.5 pts 13.70lbs

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