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Friday Night Bass Contest (Week 6): The Lake Purdy Hammers Earn Their Second Victory!

Updated: May 17

The Lake Purdy Hammers pull off another win for week 6 of the Friday Night Bass Contest! They are the first team to win two weeks in a row and the first to acquire two 1st place finishes. In week 5, Tyler Wolfe showed everyone he wasn't messing around when he stole the win from the Wolfe Pack all while being at a major disadvantage by being a man short that night, but that didn't stop him from pulling out the win! Tyler did it again in Week 6 but this time he had his partner Lake Weidler by his side to help wrangle in those last few pounds for the first place check. Lake and Tyler aka (The Hammers) won with a 5 fish limit totaling 14.383 lbs and big fish with a 4.53lb biggin! Right on their heels in second place was (The Wolfe Pack) Mike and Chris Wolfe with 5 fish totaling 13.413 lbs. Finishing in third place was Jonathan Harris who fished by himself and got a limit of 5 fish 11.102lb and was runner up for big fish with a 3.32lb bass. The points race is heating up as the weeks go on. Will we see a third victory from The Hammers, or will The Wolfe Pack put an end to their streak?

2023 Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest Points Standings (Week 6)

Team Name - Weight Points Winnings

1) Mike & Chris Wolfe 66.0 67 304

2) Tyler Wolfe & Lake Weidler 59.61 66 274

T3) Johnny Hill & Alex Smeraglia 52.49 53 203

T3) David McGinnis & Lee Morgan 50.12 53 147

5) Mike Forrester & Chris Leathers 56.05 50 153

6) Sam Hartzog & Jennifer Holt 47.85 42 24

7) Charlie & Karen Burns 24.65 26 130

8) Jeremy Singleton 10.79 17

9) Mike & Dennis Falkner 15.44 16

T10) Fischer Houser & Jonathan Harris 19.31 13

T10) Jeff England & Tony Marlowe 9.38 13 40

12) Butler Dobbins & David Anderson 5.28 7

T13) Bryan McAlpin & Brandon Brazil 2

T13) Peyton Long & Juan Cueller 2

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