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Friday Night Anglers Get Some Money

Johnny Hill got his his first payday of the season with First Place on April 22nd with 10.21lbs. Dennis and Mike Falkner also won their first money with second and Big Fish of 3.38lbs. The Mountain Men, Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia added to their cash stash with third with 8.549lbs. Let's talk about money. Entry fee each week is only $30 per team and contestants get half price boat rental ($12) for the night. Five dollars is held out for the Classic at the end of the season featuring the largest purse of the season. So far this season the top seven teams are averaging $33 per week. That works out to a 32% return on the $25 invested each week. It's the best deal in competitive fishing, no take out, over 100% payout. Join us next Friday night. Rules and details are at

2022 Season Standing April 22nd

points Weight prize money

1. Wolfe Pack (Mike and Chris) 45 pts 42.53lbs $206

2. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 45 pts 37.99lbs $120

3. Jeff England/ Sam Vaughan 42 pts 38.43lbs $117

4. Sam and Sammy Hartzog 38 pts 34.43lbs $91

5. Mike Forrester/ Chris Leathers 31 pts 24.53lbs $90

6. Dennis and Mike Falkner 24 pts 19.67lbs $80

7. Johnny Hill 17 pts 10.21lbs $96

8. Jeremy Singleton 17 pts 11.01lbs

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