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Tips For Success During The Fall Transition

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

(Lake Purdy Spotted Bass pictured above)

The bait fish are starting to move around and spread out which makes the bass do the same. As the days start to get cooler, the fish start to feed up for the winter. They start to move towards the backs of creeks and pockets, following right behind the bait fish. If you can find where the bass are set up, you can get a ton of bites in the Fall months. whether you're new to fishing, or an experienced angler, here are some easy tips that can get you a few more bites this fall.

Tip #1 - Fish the conditions.

Before you get out on the water, try to find out what the weather is going to be doing. The weather and the time of year determine what the fish are going to be doing. Always try to fish the the right bait for the right weather conditions. If the wind is blowing and its cloudy, you might try a spinnerbait or chatter-bait to get those reaction bites. If the sun is out you might try a bait that sits on the bottom such as a jig , a Carolina-rig , or maybe a jerk-bait if the water is clear.

Also keep an eye out for schools of bait-fish, top water blow ups / action on the surface, and wildlife such as birds ambushing bait in the shallows. These are all good indicators that there could be fish around. The water temperature is starting to get lower as we get into the fall months. As it drops, a more finesse approach may be the key to getting more bites. Try thinner line or a smaller profile bait.

Tip #2 - Slow Down & Be Patient

The biggest thing I catch myself doing, as the weather starts to change, is fishing too fast when I'm not getting bites. As the water cools off, the fish start to move slower and slower. They aren't going to be chasing bait as aggressively in 75 degree water as they do in 90 degree waters. In turn you have to slow down your presentation to get those bass to react. If you are struggling to get bites in an area, try slowing down your retrieve, and let your bait stay in the strike zone a bit longer than you normally would. Patience is key this time of year as we get into the colder months.

Tip #3 - My Top Baits for Fall Bass

Fall is a great time to practice some techniques that may not work other times of the year. The bass could be doing different things depending on the weather. They could be suspended over structure, or hiding out in some cover as the water levels drop. The Fall is a perfect time for swimbaits and spinner baits. The wind likes to pick up as the weather cools off, and a spinnerbait could be the deal on a windy day. Rattle-traps, square-bills, and shallow running crankbaits all work well in the cooler water. If the conditions are right, a jerk-bait could produce some bites. If you feel like trying something different, try rigging up a drop-shot. This finesse style of fishing can catch fish on the toughest of days. If you need some more help, send us a message or drop by the bait shop. We would love to help you out!

My last tip is always have a good time! Fishing is all about the mental game. Stay positive and you will get bites. The fall months can be a beautiful sight, but sometimes the bite can get tough. The fish are out there, its up to us to catch them. These are a few tips that hopefully gets you a few more bites next time you go fishing. If you need more information, come see me at the Lake Purdy Bait Shop! Also check out our Instagram & Facebook for more updates and recent catches!

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