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Bumper Bass Crop this Summer on Lake Purdy

Jeff England continues to blow away the competition with the big fish of 6.04 lbs and total weight of 16.95 lbs in week 20 of the Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Series. Mike Wolfe got second with a total weight of 13.07 lbs and a big fish of 5.88 lbs. Fishing this summer, beginning June 11, has been exceptionally good. The average winning weight over this period was 14.75 lbs. The Mountain Men, Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia dominated early this summer with four wins in a row and the largest sack of the season of 22.65 lbs. Johnny Hill and Zac Hall also had a win in this period and the biggest bass of the season of 7 lbs. The rain this Summer has kept Lake Purdy at full pool which has provided a boast to the fish population this year and will reap benefits in the years to come.

Points Standing After Week 20, August 13th, 2021

Team Points Total Wt. Purse 1. Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 248 pts 215.97 lbs $1277 2. Johnny Hill/ Zac Hall 190 pts 166.51 lbs $385

3. Mike Forrester/ Leathers/Lewis 174 pts 142.74 lbs $283

4. Mike, Tyler and Wes Wolfe 163 pts 139.28 lbs $423

5. Jeff England/ Tony Marlowe 147 pts 116.13 lbs $871

6. Dennis and Mike Faulkner 133 pts 106.61 lbs

7. Jerrod Atkins/Justin Russell 94 pts 77.11 lbs $153

8. Charlie and Karen Burns 31 pts 21.43 lbs

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