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All Hail the New Champs, Mike and Chris Wolfe

The Brother team, Mike and Chris Wolfe, dominated the end of the season after last year's champions, Alex Smeraglia and Paul Renda, broke up over artistic differences. How Did the do it? They caught 107 fish for the season only 3 short of the maximum. So they fished every week and almost always weighed in the 5 fish limit for a total weight of 216.87 lbs almost 30 lbs more than the second place finishers, MikeForrester, Chris Leathers and Scotty Lewis. This season was very good for all the competitors with 8 teams catching over 100 lbs. In 2022 the total fish caught was 803, totaling 1536 lbs for an average of 1.91 lbs per fish. Compared to 2021 when 650 fish weighting 1185 lbs for an average of 1.82 lb were caught.

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