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 "Fish don't bite on Mondays" Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler

Toney Moore used a Jig and pig to catch this large mouth in shallow water above Grantsmill Road.

Sharon and Tyler Cannon got this 6 lb catfish along with 2 other cats, 10 crappie ,
 2 bass and one bream all on minnows after another rainy day.

Fishing Statistics April 19
Water Temperature: 73.2 degrees

Lake Level:   10" over full pool and over the banks

What happens when it rains?:

Catfish love it when the rain muddies up the water and Lake Purdy overflows the banks.  The cats move in toward the banks and they are often caught with minnows by crappie and bass fishers.  Bass fishing can be enhanced especially if the rain is warmer than the current surface temperature.  Crappie will, as a rule, avoid muddy water.  That can be helpful because you can eliminate all the muddy parts of the lake and concentrate on those areas where the water is mixing with the clearer water, usually deeper water away from the creek sources.

Audrey Morales with another rainy day catfish caught with a pescadito (minnow)
Get ready for competitive Bass Fishing
Friday Night Tournament

Lake Purdy, Let's Go Fishing
 Bass Fishing Contest 2015

Friday Nights 6PM-12 AM, April 3-August 28

Half Price Night Time Boat Rentals, 100% PAYOUT

Lake Purdy All Star, Jeff England, wins week 3

Jeff England has won more Lake Purdy contest than anyone.  Friday, April 17th, he returned to his winning ways with a five fish limit of 12.55 lbs and the big bass of the evening of 5lbs.  David Smith and Garrett Langer finished second with  nearly a 10 lb limit of 5 bass.  and Rob Smith and Zac Davis had the second biggest bass of the night and a total weight of 8.73 lbs to edge into 3rd place.

Rain don't go away!! The fishing is too good.

Piper and Ken Powers with another bass caught with minnows

Marcus Lane 4 lb 6 oz Spotted Bass on Top water lure (Rapala Skitter Pop)

Get Your Crappie!

Mike Loop and Celine with Slab crappie on minnows

Crappie Bait
Crappie like minnows.  Live minnows are always popular.  Keep them alive longer by hooking them through the eyes with a number 4 or 2 size aberdeen hook.  Some people prefer artificial lures made to imitate minnows.  One of the best we have are the hand tied Rone's jig which you can see in the Lake Purdy store.  Byron Mize pictured above has perfected this jig to catch crappie in Lake Purdy.

Open 6AM to 7:30PM
 Tuesday through Sunday

Closed Mondays

6 AM to 7 PM 6 days a week
Closed Mondays

Lake Purdy, over 1,000 acres surrounded by 7800 acres of wilderness
Lake Purdy is one of the few places in Alabama which still offers a full lakeside tackle/bait shop, boat rental, rod rental, free bank fishing, and Nissan outboard motor repair (link). The lake is a pristine source of drinking water for the area so it is completely development free and the fish are excellent to eat!  Because no private boats are allowed on Lake Purdy, fishing pressure is reduced and we still have an excellent population of Large Mouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, Bream, Catfish and more.  If you're looking for an inexpensive getaway, we have picnic areas, pontoon boats, free bank fishing, and beautiful sunsets!  Come out to enjoy a day fishing or just getting out of the house.

You can call ahead and let us know your coming at 991-9107 but we don't take reservations.  We have over 70 boats so you can fish when you want and reservations are not neededAlso, the water board does not permit the launching of private boats.



Book a Guide trip with one of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides

Reserve a time call 991-9107

John Dauzat and Joe Lebens,Winners of the Diamond Group Corporate Outing October 23rd, pictured with their guide Gary Goodwin.

Treat a valued client, spouse or special friend to a guide trip with one of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides.   We will provide the tackle and food and refreshments as well if you like.  Trips last 6 hours and are for one or two people only.  Cost for the trip is $250 and must be booked in advance.

Guide, Richy Rich, with 6 lb large mouth caught and released 2/7/15

Maddy Cole with large mouth caught with Purdy guide, Rich Richardson

David Wilson with 5 lb plus large mouth on March 4th

   Pictured below is David Moore with a 4lb Large Mouth he caught in shallow water with a spinner bait.

Buddy Bunn with 5.1 Spot                  Bill Campbell with nice Large Mouth
Both caught and released February 7th 

RJ Blackburn with 5 lb Large Mouth on jig January 31

Lake Purdy back to full pool!

John Ard got a 6.5 lb and 4.25 lb bass by bouncing a crank bait on the bottom about 8 feet deep on a cold and windy day.

William and Gary Jordan with a stringer of Cats caught after the rain Dec. 6th

Hours: 6AM till 7PM Tues-Sunday

Closed Mondays

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*25 Minutes From Downtown Birmingham


John Richardson caught a double limit of bass with a crank bait on Oct. 19.  He released all his fish including the 2.5 lb spotted bass pictured above.

Pontoon Palooza

  Rent a Pontoon for as little as $67 plus tax for two hours.

  Get all the boat rental prices here, Rental Rates

You don't need a boater's license to rent any boat at Lake Purdy, including a pontoon boat, pictured above. We'll show you what you need to know to drive any boat even if you have no previous experience.  We have plenty of boats so you should be able to rent any boat you want, any time you want it.  That's why we don't take reservations at Lake Purdy, you don't need it.  We'll get you in your boat and fishing right away.

Lake Charles caught this 8.75 lb carp with red worms in mid October

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Chicken Dinners

2014 Season Ending Classic
 won by Hall and Carroll

    Zac Hall and James Carroll won their first tournament in the last regular season Friday night and they won they won again when it counted in the season ending Classic, September 5th.  Their total weight of 10.18 lbs won the  evening first place purse of $600. Roger Williamson and Mitchell Clay were a close second with 9.97 lbs which included the big fish of the night.  They collected $490 for the evening which brought their season money winnings to $1,185.  Justin Hefner and John Brasher won the season points championship and took home the most money for the season, $1335.  But they finished third in The Classic only one quarter of a pound out of first.  Twelve teams qualified to fish the season classic and they were rewarded with half price night time boat rentals for the rest of the year.  They also won the lion's share of the $8,180 in prices awarded in 2014.  The 2015 season will begin on the first Friday in April 2015.  Find a partner and join the fun. 
Correction: The previous report on the season ending Classic incorrectly listed Terry Wood as Roger Williamson's partner.  Mitchell Clay was Roger Williamson's partner as corrected in the report above. 
 Fish for Food, Fun or Cash
Arthur Halloway bought some night crawlers and caught some catfish off the bank this fall.  There is never a charge to fish off the bank at Lake Purdy.

Debra Celeri with recent $50 catch and release Bass

Many people come to Lake Purdy to catch fish to eat.  Because we have the cleanest water in the state, Lake Purdy fish are safe and delicious.  Some people fish for the fun of it and they throw back what they catch or give the fish to others who welcome the gift. And finally some people like to fish for the competition and cash that go with it.  All people renting a boat are eligible for "Cash for Lunkers", a free monthly contest which awards money for designated fish.  Also weekly Friday night contest awards money to winners from April through August.  And boat rentals are half price for contest participants.

Vince Smith with $50 Catch and Release Bass        Joelle's Birthday Bass

Buddy Bunn with 3 lb spot caught on top water Zara Spook.

 New all-welded boats have arrived. Still rents for only $15 a day. 

Tim Isbell wins $100 for Big Catfish of June

Tim Isbell caught his 11 lb 14 oz Flathead Catfish on 6/20 with a lipless crankbait while bass fishing. 

Jimmy Overstreet won $100 for this 7.5 lb Large mouth he caught and  released on Sunday, May 11 the biggest bass of the month.
Byron Mize won $100 for his 2 lb 1 oz crappie with one of his hand tied "Rone's jigs".  You can get his winning jigs in the Lake Purdy store.
Ron Wright got this 12 ounce Shellcracker with a cricket on May 11 and won $100 for the biggest bream of May.
Victor Lockhart got some slab crappie with minnows. The biggest was 1 lb 9 oz.

Evans Smith and Gerald Nolen got their slab crappie with Jiffy Jigs.

Kyle Ledbetter used a spinner bait and Chris Skipper used a Baby Brush Hog to catch their 3 pound Spotted Bass this week.

Michael Bacher and 1.75 lb crappie and Victor Zagorski and Jeff McLeod  with bass
Kids never forget their first fish

And they never forget who took them fishing.  Get them away from computer gaming and into nature.  Every day on the water is a wonder and a boast to self-esteem.

Hannah Whittington caught this 4 lb spot with her dad, Clint Wallace on May 11.

Terelan Smith used a crankbait to catch this 2 lb Spotted Bass on Sunday 2/23.

New Premium Weldcraft Boats Now Available to Rent or Buy 
This will also make some of our used wide jon boats available for purchase.
The 1444 pictured above features deep sides and a extended front casting deck.  It has no center seat and will hold four people.  Below is the 1544 which also features deep sides .080 aluminum and three seats.  It is fifteen feet long and 44 inches wide on the floor and has a capacity of 5 people.

Used Jon Boats Starting at $400
Click here to get fishing report.
                     Pontoon                                     Guide Boat our best fishing boat   Notice: Fishing License are only available this year online at or by calling 888-848-6887.

The State has eliminated the hard copy license therefore Lake Purdy can no longer sell Fishing and Hunting License.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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