Lake Purdy, Let's Go Fishing
Father's Day Weekend
Lake Purdy popular with Families
As always, We do not take reservations for any of our boats, including Pontoon Boats.  Also to make the Pontoons available to the most people, rentals on holidays like Father's Day are limited to 6 hours or less.  
Extended Hours Start Saturday May 25
Open 6AM to 8PM
Now you can come to Lake Purdy after work and still enjoy three hours of some of the best fishing of the day.

Nice double on a Bill Norman Crank Bait.
One on the front hook and one on the back.
Fishing Report June 15th
"Just Ask"
              Water temperature: 82.4 degrees this afternoon

     Water level:  Nice rain this week and the Big Bass have moved up to feed on the fresh crawdads, frogs and bugs running into the lake. The bluegills are doing the same thing and the bass are looking for them too.  So target the banks with plastics like worms, lizards and crawdad imitations.  Mike Wolfe caught an 8.18lb bass Friday, June 7th following this advise from the guys running the bait shop.   We will also point you in the right direction when you come to Lake Purdy.  "Just Ask."
      Remember Lake Purdy is now open till 8PM so you can get in a good 3 hours of fishing after work, some of the best time of day.

Roger Roden with 5lb bass today as the weather heats up. 
     The recent rains will keep visibility low on the lake which is good for fishing but it will make the bream beds hard to spot.  You can still locate bedding fish by using your nose. Trust your nose and you will recognize the sweet fishy smell of successful bream fishing.  May is when fishermen turn their attention to Bream fishing.
     Now that the water temperature is nearing 80 degrees the Bream (which include Bluegills, Shellcrackers, Pumpkinseeds, and more) are moving out of the deep water and close to the banks.  Tradition says the first full moon of May (Saturday, May 18th this year) is when the bluegills start to bed.  This is when it is easiest to catch what many people say is the tastiest fish of Lake Purdy. 
Lake Purdy Bass Fishing Contest 2019
Friday Nights 6PM-12 Midnight, April 5-August 30

Half Price Night Time Boat Rentals, 100% PAYOUT

Choose a partner and join the fishing camaraderie of the Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest.  Only $30 entry per team and payout over the year is over 100 percent.  Show up early to sign up your team before the 6PM start and take advantage of the half price boat rentals for contest participants.
Week 10
Biggest Bass of the Season
Caught June 7th
      Mike Wolfe, leader of the Wolfe Pack, caught the biggest bass of the season for the Friday Night tournaments.  It weighed in at 8.18 lbs. But it wasn't enough to win.  Mike and Tyler Wolfe's five fish limit weighed 11.72 lbs, good enough for second.  First place for the third week in a row went to the Italian Stallions, Paul Renda and Alex Smeraglia, pictured below.
      It was a Stormy night June 7th which caused some of the usual competitors to sit it out.  We still had 10 teams competing, with third going to last year's Classic Champions, Mike and Mason Wright, with 8.685 lbs.  Mason Wright has been away tearing up the high school competitive bass circuit, so it was good to get this father and son team back for the Lake Purdy Friday Night Contests.
     Remember, anyone can win from week to week and everyone is welcome to join the fun every Friday night from 6PM to Midnight.
Points Standing After Week Ten, June 7th, 2019

Team                                                 Points        Total Wt.          Purse
1.Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia                       121 pts        108.09 lbs         $766    
2.Mike Forrester/ Chris Leathers/Scott Lewis 88 pts          79.50 lbs          $263         3.Tyler Wesley/ The Rock Pile                        79 pts          55.63 lbs           $428
4.Mike, Nicholas & Tyler Wolfe                       70 pts          59.34 lbs           $478       5.Zac Hall/ Johnny Hill                                    68 pts          62.41 lbs           $327
5.Charlie Burns/ Scott Forbauch                     67 pts          53.62 lbs           $164            7.Mike Falkner/ Dennis Falkner                      61 pts          54.68 lbs           $39
8.Trishia and James Layfield                          38 pts          31.19 lbs            $65
9.Jerrod Atkins/Justin Russell                         36 pts         22.85 lbs            $0            
9.Little/ Skipper/Terry                                      27 pts          24.65                 $42
10.Jeff England/Tony Marlowe and Jeff Mann  27 pts        19.99 lbs           $160
11.Roger Williamson/ Mitchell Clay                 25 pts          17.36 lbs           $221
12. Hayden Teems                                           25 pts         19.75 lbs           $65
  Friday Night Fishing Rules


 Weekly entry fee of $30.  $5 of each weekly fee goes into the Big Fish pool.  The heaviest fish each week takes the entire Big Fish pool money.  An additional $5 is retained for the Classic and Points championship prizes.  The remaining money will be awarded to the top four finishers for the week when 15 or more boats are entered: 50% to First, 25% to Second, 15% to Third, and 10% to Fourth.  If 8 to 14 boats are entered, prize money will be divided three ways: 60% to First, 25% to Second, and 15% to Third.  If 6 or 7 boats are entered, the prize money will be divided two ways: 70% to First and 30% to Second.  If 5 or fewer boats are entered, First place takes 100% of the prize pool.

POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP:  Trophies or prizes will be awarded to the top two teams in the points standing at the end of the 22 week series.  Weekly points will be awarded as follows:

     1. Points awarded 1st place-8 pts., 2nd-6 pts., 3rd-4 pts., 4th-2 pts., 5th-1 pts.

     2. One point for every legal fish weighed in (5 fish limit)
     3.Two points for every weekly contest entered.


   All teams entering 10 or more weekly contests qualify for the classic Sept. 6th.

 Boating Rules:

      1. No private boats are allowed on Lake Purdy. ( Including NO Kayaks)  2.    Participants can use their own trolling motors or outboards up to 10 horsepower.  3.    All boats must have regulation running lights which can be purchased at the Lake Purdy store. 4.  Boats must fish at least 100 feet away from another boat.

Team Rules:

      5.  Two people are signed up as a team and listed on the Tournament Card. 6.  Contest participants cannot fish Lake Purdy prior to 6 PM start on day of the contest 7.  Two people are signed up as a team and listed on the Tournament Card.  Substitutions are allowed for subsequent weekly tournaments, as long as one of the listed team members is participating.  Participants can only fish for one team.


      8.   No live bait fishing. Result will end in disqualification. 9. Alabama Rigs and similar multi-lure presentations are not allowed. Result will end in disqualification. 10.  NO trolling or snagging. Result will end in disqualification.


      11.  Weekly tournament starts at 6 PM and weigh-in no later than 12 a.m. All live wells must be checked by tournament official or (Lake Purdy employee) before tournament begins. 12. All participants in the tournament must be at the designated weigh in area (scales) NO LATER THAN 12:00 a.m. The scales are located at the entrance to the Lake Purdy Bait Store. Teams arriving to this weigh-in area after 12:00 a.m. will not be weighed. 13.  LIVEWELL:  Each team is required to use an aerated live-well. Guide boats are equipped with aerated live wells and can be used. Teams not using boats equipped with aerated live-wells must have a portable aerated live-well with capacity of at least 48 quarts. Failure to use an aerated live-well will result in disqualification from tournament. 14.  Each team must transport a limit of no more than 5 fish in the team's live-well (capacity of at least 48 quarts) to the weigh-in area to be presented to the contest officials. If a team attempts to weigh in or bring six fish to the scales during weigh-in, the penalty is disqualification from tournament. 15.  Each Team's catch will be weighed and recorded. Each team member must see their weight along with the officials and agree to weight and limit. 16.  Once a team leaves the scales all weights and limits are final. That team cannot weigh again. 17.  All live fish are caught and released.


18.  No more than five Bass, no less than 12 inches in length caught by legal means from Lake Purdy during designated contest time. 19.   A Penalty of 8 ounces will be assessed for every dead fish at weigh-in. 20. If a team attempts to weigh in a short fish result will be disqualification from tournament. 21.  After the team's live-well and fish are brought to the weigh-in area no fish can be added to or removed from the live-well. 22. The contest officials are responsible for applying penalties. Decisions of the contest officials are final. 23. Two contestant officials may not be from the same team.  24.  Once the scales are closed by the two officials NO OTHER FISH WILL BE WEIGHED!!!  25.  All prizes are final after the decision by the two officials. Prizes will be presented by the two officials.
James Gothard is still catching crappie this week trolling with his self designed crappie jigs.
Big Crappie Rodeo
Final Results
Byron Mize won $200 with his total weight of 8lb 4oz in the Lake Purdy Crappie Rodeo in March
James Gothard won $100 for his second place total weight of 7lb 10oz

Give a Gift Certificate

to Someone you Love

or maybe just like a little

Give a gift certificate to Lake Purdy for the aspiring anglers in your life.  You know who they are.  It's easy to give, and we will personalize your gift with names and messages and make it for what ever amount you like.  It's good for everything at Lake Purdy; boat rentals, tackle, bait, snacks and more. Call (205) 991-9107 to order your gift certificate and we will mail it to you or you can pick it up at the store.

Hiram Holmes, pictured below, caught 16 of the these post spawn female crappies in 15 feet of water today using minnows.  The biggest pictured above weighed 2lb 1oz.  We are open now from 6AM to 7PM everyday but Monday.

At Lake Purdy you can now chose any boat and use your own motor and pay one price, $18 per day.  This includes our wide boats which hold up to 5 people or boats featuring live wells or casting decks.  These boats were previously priced at $20 per day.  The same applies to all motor boats, now one price for your choice of any motor boat.  See the new pricing below.

Boat Only Rental    

$18 per day              $22 per night       

Bench seats.  May use your own gas motor or trolling motor up to 10 horsepower or paddle yourself. One price, your choice of boat. Holds 3 to 5 people

            Motor Boats                            $50 up to 3 Hours   $70 up to 6 Hours    $90 per Day or Night

Nissan Outboard, 3 Gallons of Gas, Bench Seats. One price, your choice of boat. Holds 3 to 5 people.  Add a trolling Motor and battery to a Motor Boat for $20

 Fully Rigged Bass Boat

$90 up to 3 Hours    $120 up to 6 Hours     $160 per Day or Night

Our Biggest and Best Fishing Boat, 17 feet long and 75 inches wide, equipped with our most powerful outboard, steering wheel controls, bow mounted trolling motor, live-well, fish finder, anchor, and bow and stern seats.   Capacity 4.

   Party Pontoon Boats


$100 up to 2 Hours        $125 up to 3 Hours         $200 up to 6 Hours 

For those of you who want to relax and spend time with family and friends. Our best and largest pontoon with 40 hp outboard motor. Capacity of 12 people or 1760 lbs. Includes 3 gallons of gas (for every 6 hours). 


 Smaller Pontoon Boats


$75 up to 2 Hrs   $90 up to 3 Hrs   $120 up to 6 Hrs  $160 per Day or Night

Smaller pontoons for 5 to 8 people with 25 to 30 horse power outboards.  Includes 3 gallons of gas (for every 6 hours).


Any Boat only with Trolling Motor and Battery  

$50 for 6 hours

Add second battery for $5.  Each battery will last for 2 to 6 hours depending on wind conditions and use.  Consistent trolling will exhaust battery faster than intermittent use.   Ask Store about limitations.


Add On Accessories:

Batteries:              $10 for  1      $15 for  2

Anchor:                 $5               Ice Chest               $4

Rod/Reel:              $8             Seat or Cushion:   $1

Rowing Oars:      $3

John McLaughlin has figured out the pattern for catching bass this week.  See his favorite lures are shown in the mouths of catches below.

Ask John how he does it when you see him at Lake Purdy
Are the Fish Biting?
Heck Yeah!!

Alex Smeraglia has been very successful fishing at Lake Purdy. This week he caught this 7.3 lb large mouth and a mess of 4 lb and better Spotted Bass.

Worm, aka Gary Franklin, is at it again.  He caught this 7 lb 12 oz large mouth in the early morning on Wednesday, June 27. He released this fish and went back out and immediately caught the 6 lb 9 oz bass pictured below.
Worm caught and released both fish Wednesday morning.  Ask him for directions to Turtle Island.

Lake Purdy has 70 rental boats including 12 pontoon boats.  In order to keep your option for 2, 3 or 6 hour rentals available throughout the day, we do not take reservations.

Deanna and Darren Williford                Billy Latham             Jerrod and David Atkins

Family Pontoons available starting at $125 for three hours

Jonathan and Ben Scoggins with double crappie limit on
Here are a couple of tips for crappie

1. Most of the big crappie have moved off the bank out to post spawn areas in 8 to 15 feet of water.  Still count on tuffie minnows as the best bait.  If fishing is tough, try adding a Power Bait crappie nibbler to a live minnow or  jig.  The scent and sparkles will often trigger strikes from reluctant crappie.
2. Don't fight the wind, drift with a pontoon in deep water.  Position the boat up wind and sink a minnow or jig 3 to 6 feet under a float on both sides of the boat.  You will eventually drift through a school of bait fish and pick a few crappie by the end of your trip.

Alan Wellbaum with a spotted bass on a Carolina rigged lizard

You will catch fish once you master this technique.
Bass Report:  My best tip for catching bass on Lake Purdy is to learn how to rig and fish a Carolina Rig for plastic worms and lizards.  This rig features a 1/2 to 1 oz egg sinker followed by a couple of glass beads and then a barrel swivel.  On the other side of the swivel tie a 4 foot leader in front of a good offset worm hook rigged with a plastic lizard or worm.  You can throw this rig a mile because of the weight.  It also sinks quickly to the bottom where you want to feel your weight bouncing off pea gravel or rocks.  This if where you can expect to get bit by spotted bass.  If the bottom doesn't feel like anything, you are just fishing empty muddy banks which don't hold many fish.  Pick up and cast to the next point.  Stick with it.

Open Tuesday-Sunday 6AM to 8PM
Closed most Mondays Except for Holidays

6AM to 8PM
Tuesday through Sunday

New Fully Rigged Fishing Boats are ready to rent.  They feature all new bow mounted trolling motors, fish finders with color displays, aerated live well, pedestal seats, running lights and more.
Book a Guide trip with one of our world
famous Lake Purdy Guides

Gary Goodwin, Lake Purdy Manager, knows how to catch big fish.

Treat a valued client, spouse or special friend to a guide trip with one of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides.   We will provide the tackle and food and refreshments as well if you like.  Trips last 6 hours and are for one or two people only.  Cost for the trip is $250 and must be booked in advance.

Guide, Richy Rich, with 6 lb large mouth

Night time fishing at Lake Purdy: If you have never fished at night now is a good time to start.  It's hot out there in the middle of the day.  You can rent any of the boats at Lake purdy for night time, which means you can stay out past our closing time of 8PM.  Any boat rented for night has to have regulation running lights.  We don't rent the lights so you have to have your own.  We sell them in the store for $29.95 for the set or you can buy them where ever you want.  If you are renting one of our pontoon or guide boats, they are equipped with running lights so you don't have to have your own.  You can rent a boat for the evening any time after 2PM and it is not due until 8AM the next morning.  You don't have to stay all night.  Most people don't.  We give you a combination to the gate lock so you can leave when ever you want.  The store is closed at night so make sure to bring extra food and bait.  Some extra lights would also be useful, it's dark out there.  Beavers like to silently swim up to your boat and slap their tails on the surface which might your heart skip a beat.

Pontoon Palooza

  Rent a Pontoon for as little as $75 plus tax for two hours.

 Get all the boat rental prices here, Rental Rates

You don't need a boater's license to rent any boat at Lake Purdy, including a pontoon boat, pictured above. We'll show you what you need to know to drive any boat even if you have no previous experience.  We have plenty of boats so you should be able to rent any boat you want, any time you want it.  That's why we don't take reservations at Lake Purdy, you don't need it.  We'll get you in your boat and fishing right away.

Open Tuesday through Sunday 6AM - 8PM
Closed Monday

 "Fish don't bite on Mondays" Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler

Notice: Fishing License are only available this

year online at or by

calling 888-848-6887.

The State has eliminated the hard copy license therefore Lake Purdy can no longer sell Fishing and Hunting License.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

.Kids never forget their first fish

And they never forget who took them fishing.  Get them away from computer gaming and into nature.  Every day on the water is a wonder and a boast to self-esteem.

Hannah Whittington caught this 4 lb spot with her dad, Clint Wallace on May 11.

Lake Purdy, over 1,000 acres surrounded by

7800 acres of wilderness

Lake Purdy is one of the few places in Alabama which still offers a full lakeside tackle/bait shop, boat rental, rod rental, free bank fishing, and Nissan outboard motor repair (link). The lake is a pristine source of drinking water for the area so it is completely development free and the fish are excellent to eat!  Because no private boats are allowed on Lake Purdy, fishing pressure is reduced and we still have an excellent population of Large Mouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, Bream, Catfish and more.  If you're looking for an inexpensive getaway, we have picnic areas, pontoon boats, free bank fishing, and beautiful sunsets!  Come out to enjoy a day fishing or just getting out of the house.

You can call ahead and let us know your coming at 991-9107 but we don't take reservations.  We have over 70 boats so you can fish when you want and reservations are not neededAlso, the water board does not permit the launching of private boats.



Maddy Cole with large mouth caught with Purdy guide, Rich Richardson

New Family Pontoons
Bring the whole Family.(up to 12 passengers or 1730 lbs), 40 hp engine, includes gas

Call us at (205) 991-9107
Lake Purdy Hours

Hours: 6AM till 8PM Tues-Sunday

Closed Mondays

Contact info:    (205) 991-9107

Location         3780 Boat Launch Rd.

                      Birmingham, AL  35242

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*4 Miles Northeast of Hwy 280 on Hwy 119

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