Let's Go Fishing! Lake Purdy

Perserverance Pays off for Debra Celeri on August 1

Fishing with a 5-inch hyperstick (segmented dinger) on a 1\4 oz. Shaky Head, Debra enticed this 4.5 lb largemouth on the backside of the little island outfront. Patience and perseverance the key sometimes, and that was the case here!

Eddie Busby and Philip Hyche win Close contest in Week 16

Philip Hyche with 4.26 Large Mouth Bass, the big fish of Week 16
     The team of Eddie Busby and Philip Hyche won a tight contest on July 18th with a total weight of 9.86 lbs.  Their big fish was 4.26 lb and that put them on top ahead of Mike Forrester and Chris Leathers with 9.27 lbs.  Ben Jones and  Todd Skinner captured third with 8.74 lbs.

Week 16

Eddie Buzbee Philip Hyche   4.26 9.86 5 1 15 $170.00
Mike Forrester Chris Leathers     9.27 5 2 13 $50.00
Ben Jones Todd Skinner     8.74 5 3 11 $30.00
Richard Williamson Terry Wood     8.62 5 4 9  
Mike Wolfe Billy Milton     7.34 5 5 8  
Caiden Sinclair Hunter Gibson     7.24 4 6 6  
Roger Williamson Mitchell Clay     7.11 5 7 7  
Larry Nix Terry Stephenson     6.31 4 8 6  
Travis Petrey Mimi Savoie     5.39 5 9 7  
Gary Martin Glen Myrick         10 2  

Justin Hefner John Brasher Michael Brasher 15 162 3.87 111.21 7.41 $658.00
Michael Forrester  Chris Leathers Scott Lewis 16 121 5.88 86.73 5.42 $83.00
Mike Wolfe Billy Milton Felicia Milton 16 114 5.81 83.03 5.19 $381.00
Jeff England Aaron England Keith Owens     Michael Miller 10 102 3.70 83.70 8.37 $506.50
Roger Williamson Mitchell Clay John Richardson 10 98 5.00 71.42 7.14 $645.00
Rob Smith Zac Davis Melanie Smith     Frankie Howard    Dennis Mitchell 9 89 4.67 68.46 7.61 $550.00
Eddie Buzbee Philip Hyche Billy Wilson 12 72 6.58 43.92 3.66 $340.00
Garrett Langer David Smith John Norris         Alex Jessen 6 68 3.00 55.79 9.30 $221.00
Ben Jones Todd Skinner Jason Whitson 7 66 5.14 50.58 7.23 $281.00
Richard Williamson Terry Wood   11 63 5.73 45.10 4.10 $85.00
Larry Nix Terry Stephenson Wes Glassey      Scott Mooneyham 12 54 8.33 38.68 3.22 $287.50
Clint Wallace Austin Wallace Chris Thomas 8 50 6.00 38.19 4.77 $242.00
Zac Hall James Carroll   6 50 5.17 35.85 5.98 $160.00
Philip Jones Dru Jones   6 38 6.50 26.79 4.47 $84.00
Caiden Sinclair Hunter Gibson   4 33 5.50 25.54 6.39 $78.00
Robert Combs Jason Smith Doug Bowers       Juan Pinom 9 25 9.67 8.22 0.91  
David Gambrell Ben Gambrell Thomas Rich 5 22 10.00 11.31 2.26  
Brandon Bilek Tom Paduch   2 15 6.50 9.94 4.97 $64.00
Race Harrison Chris Lindsey   1 9 4.00 7.18 7.18 $34.00
Jason Priecko Chris Hallman   2 9 10.00 6.44 3.22  
Ryan Wallace Allen Terrell   2 8 9.50 4.87 2.44  
Stephen McKinney Shannon Brock   4 8 8.75 0.00 0.00  
Chris Hulsey Justin Nelson   2 8 7.00 3.54 1.77  
Travis Petrey Mimi Savoie   1 7 9.00 5.39 5.39  
Marcus Lyons Brett Henderson   1 7 7.00 0.00 0.00  
Nick Malesko Jeff Miller   2 7 12.00 3.68 1.84  
Brandon Payne Jacob Turner   2 4 11.50 0.00 0.00  
13 tied @     1 2 7.00 0.00 0.00  

Prize Money distributed thus far:

40 Teams represented so far - 8 different winners

Biggest Fish so far: 8.47 pounds - Rob Smith/Zac Davis - 5/2/14

Biggest Sack so far: 19.01 pounds - Clint Wallace/Austin Wallace - 4/18/14

Bold indicates qualified for Classic

Now Renting

Wet and Wild Kayaks

Kayaks are simple and fun to rent
only $15 for two hours for single or $25 for a tandem
Wear a swim suit because you will get wet
Must wear a life jacket (bring your own pfd or use ours)
Don't carry anything you don't want to lose or get wet.

The following 4 pictures are the winners of the July Kid's Cash for Lunkers Contest

Sasha Allison with a double bass catch on crankbait while trolling 7/13/14

Trevor Leger knows "Chicks dig fisherman".
1.5 lb Cat and 14 oz Bream on 7/18 using Night Crawlers

Destiny and Jazmine Burley with Bass, Bream and Catfish on Night Crawlers 7/5

Hunter Hinson with 1 lb crappie
Congratulations to the winners $25 each
Pick up your cash at Lake Purdy on your next visit

Expanded summer hours

now open 6AM to 8PM Everyday

 Fishing Statistics August 1

Mike Williams with 3lb 5 oz Bass on Lavendar Shad Norman Deep Little-N, 7/27
Water surface temperature:  88 degrees surface temperature. 
Lake Clarity:  Clear
ake Level: Down 2 feet 10 inches from full pool.  Water continues to be pulled at the dam creating currents in the Lake.

Note: It's the time of year when the lake level is starting to drop. That is usually a good sign for fishing enthusiast.  When the dam is open to augment the water supply, the currents created through the lake turn on the predator fish.  Bass position themselves on the down current side of structure to ambush bait fish moving with the flow.  So position the boat down current and throw a crank bait above points and drop offs and reel it back with the current.
      July is time to take a kid fishing.  Lake Purdy will award four $25 prizes to the best kid's catches of the month.  All kids under sixteen, fishing from a Lake Purdy rental boat are eligible.  Just bring your fish to the store during open hours, 6AM to 8PM and have your picture taken.  We will pick the best catches of the month (any species and not only the biggest can be the best).

Wes Wolfe caught and released this 6.2 oz large mouth on Saturday in the rain.
Fishing Tip for July

     Get ready for warm weather fishing when it is best to fish early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Lake Purdy is now open everyday from 6AM to 8PM.  You can fish earlier or later if you have a set of running lights and make arrangements with Lake Purdy for after hours fishing.  Then you can fish as late or early as you want.  Call the store for more information (205) 991-9107.

New all-welded boats have arrived. Still rents for only $15 a day. 

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Chicken Dinners

Tim Isbell wins $100 for Big Catfish of June

Tim Isbell caught his 11 lb 14 oz Flathead Catfish on 6/20 with a lipless crankbait while bass fishing. 

Jimmy Overstreet won $100 for this 7.5 lb Large mouth he caught and  released on Sunday, May 11 the biggest bass of the month.
Byron Mize won $100 for his 2 lb 1 oz crappie with one of his hand tied "Rone's jigs".  You can get his winning jigs in the Lake Purdy store.
Ron Wright got this 12 ounce Shellcracker with a cricket on May 11 and won $100 for the biggest bream of May.
Victor Lockhart got some slab crappie with minnows. The biggest was 1 lb 9 oz.

Evans Smith and Gerald Nolen got their slab crappie with Jiffy Jigs.

Kyle Ledbetter used a spinner bait and Chris Skipper used a Baby Brush Hog to catch their 3 pound Spotted Bass this week.

Michael Bacher and 1.75 lb crappie and Victor Zagorski and Jeff McLeod  with bass
Kids never forget their first fish

And they never forget who took them fishing.  Get them away from computer gaming and into nature.  Every day on the water is a wonder and a boast to self-esteem.

Hannah Whittington caught this 4 lb spot with her dad, Clint Wallace on May 11.

Open 7 Days a week 6 AM to 7:30 PM

Pontoon Palooza.  Rent a Pontoon for as little as $67 plus tax for two hours.  Get all the boat rental prices here, Rental Rates.

You don't need a boater's license to rent any boat at Lake Purdy, including a pontoon boat, pictured above. We'll show you what you need to know to drive any boat even if you have no previous experience.  We have plenty of boats so you should be able to rent any boat you want, any time you want it.  That's why we don't take reservations at Lake Purdy, you don't need it.  We'll get you in your boat and fishing right away.

Open 7 Days a Week
6AM to 8PM

Terelan Smith used a crankbait to catch this 2 lb Spotted Bass on Sunday 2/23.
Book a Guide trip with one of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides

Reserve a time call 991-9107

John Dauzat and Joe Lebens,Winners of the Diamond Group Corporate Outing October 23rd, pictured with their guide Gary Goodwin.

Treat a valued client, spouse or special friend to a guide trip with one of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides.   We will provide the tackle and food and refreshments as well if you like.  Trips last 6 hours and are for one or two people only.  Cost for the trip is $250 and must be booked in advance.

Hours 6 AM to 8 PM  7 days a week

New Premium Weldcraft Boats Now Available to Rent or Buy 
This will also make some of our used wide jon boats available for purchase.
The 1444 pictured above features deep sides and a extended front casting deck.  It has no center seat and will hold four people.  Below is the 1544 which also features deep sides .080 aluminum and three seats.  It is fifteen feet long and 44 inches wide on the floor and has a capacity of 5 people.

Used Jon Boats Starting at $400
 Open 7 days a week 6AM to 8PM
Click here to get
fishing report
                     Pontoon                                     Guide Boat our best fishing boat   Notice: Fishing License are only available this year online at outdooralabama.com or by calling 888-848-6887.

The State has eliminated the hard copy license therefore Lake Purdy can no longer sell Fishing and Hunting License.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lake Purdy is one of the few places in Alabama which still offers a full lakeside tackle/bait shop, boat rental, rod rental, free bank fishing, and Nissan outboard motor repair (link). The lake is a pristine source of drinking water for the area so it is completely development free and the fish are excellent to eat!  Because no private boats are allowed on Lake Purdy, fishing pressure is reduced and we still have an excellent population of Large Mouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, Bream, Catfish and more.  If you're looking for an inexpensive getaway, we have picnic areas, pontoon boats, free bank fishing, and beautiful sunsets!  Come out to enjoy a day fishing or just getting out of the house.

Store Hours now 6AM-8PM Seven Days a Week.

You can call ahead and let us know your coming at 991-9107 but we don't take reservations.  We have over 60 boats so you can fish when you want and reservations are not neededAlso, the water board does not permit the launching of private boats.



Hours: 6AM till 8PM everyday

Contact info:    (205) 991-9107

Location         3780 Boat Launch Rd.

                      Birmingham, AL  35242

 Mapquest Directions          

*4 Miles Northeast of Hwy 280 on Hwy 119

*25 Minutes From Downtown Birmingham


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