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Lake Purdy Fishing Contest


Week 21 of the Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest: A Night of Surprises and Close Calls!

As the sun set on Lake Purdy, Week 21 brought with it a mix of intense competition and sizzling summer warmth, laying the groundwork for some of the season's most dramatic moments.

Dominating the charts once again were the formidable Alex Smeraglia and Johnny Hill. Proving to be the team to beat, they captured first place with their 5-fish haul weighing in at an impressive 12.38lbs. Their prowess didn’t stop there, as they also snagged the coveted Big Fish title with a 3.05lb bass. With performances like this, one can't help but wonder: Is there any duo that can challenge them?

The night's surprise hero, John Brasher, once again made his mark. Despite fishing solo and having a late start, he showcased incredible skill and determination to land in second place with a total of 8.84lbs from his 5-fish catch.

Mike & Chris Wolfe, better known as the Wolfe Pack, weren’t far behind, securing third place with their catch weighing 8.43lbs. Their determination is evident, and they're surely ones to watch as the competition moves forward.

Mike Forrester, although placing fifth, threw a curveball into the Big Fish contest. His catch included a notable 2.92lb bass, making him a strong contender for the title, just shy by mere ounces against Alex & Johnny's winning fish.

With just one week left in the regular season, the anticipation is unbearable. The burning question remains: Can Alex & Johnny maintain their streak and take the lead over the rest of the pack? The excitement is mounting as we approach the Lake Purdy Friday Night Classic!

To all the participants, thank you for showing up every week and making this week tournament truly memorable. The camaraderie and skill on display are what makes this event so special. See you next week for the thrilling climax of this bass-fishing saga!

2023 Lake Purdy Friday Night Bass Contest Points Standings (Week 22)
Team Points Total Weight Total Prize $
1) Mike & Chris Wolfe 234 239.11 851
2) Johnny Hill & Alex Smeraglia 233 279.24 1,650
3) Mike Forrester/ Chris Leathers 167 186.08 235
4) Tyler Wolfe/Lake Weidler 157 155.99 370
5) David McGinnis & Lee Morgan 134 131.22 371
6) Fischer Houser & Jonathan Harris 103 96.52 103
7) Sam Hartzog & Jennifer Holt 90 99.17 90
8) John Brasher/Justin Herner 79 61.57 186
T8) Zac Hall/Joseph Hall 79 69.22 205
9)Charlie/Karen Burns & Greg Lawson 73 77.96 344
11) Mike & Dennis Falkner 64 50.09 54
12) Jeremy Singleton 60 51.93  
13) Bryan McAlpin & Brandon Brazil 27 24.03  
14) Jeff England & Tony Marlowe 26 21.64 64
15) Peyton Long & Juan Cueller 8 5.90  
16) Butler Dobbins & David Anderson 7 5.28  
17) Brandon McGinnis & Emma Baker 4    
T18) Drew Hiltbruner 2    
T18) Jonathan Bennet & Halie Austin 2    
T18) Stephen Zwiebel & Jacob Alfano 2