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The 2022 Lake Purdy Friday Night Contest season came to a close August 26th with Johnny Hill, pictured above with the big fish of the night, getting his second win of the season fishing alone without a leader. Mike Forrester and Scotty Lewis captured second and Sam Hartzog and Jennifer Holt took third.

The season points championship was won by Mike and Chris Wolfe. They pulled away with five straight wins at the the end of the season. Second place in the season championship went to the team of Mike Forrester, Chris Leathers and Scotty Lewis. All eleven teams listed below qualified for the season ending Classic Championship with a $750 prize pool and $200 for the Big Fish of the night.

Final 2022 Season Points Standings points Weight prize money 1. Wolfe Pack(Mike and Chris) 239 pts 216.87lbs $1211

2. Mike Forrester/Leathers/Lewis 202 pts 186.34bs $560

3. Sam and Sammy Hartzog 186 pts 178.85lbs $420

4.Paul Renda/ Alex Smeraglia 174 pts 159.54lbs $1132 5. Johnny Hill 148 pts 148.80lbs $601 6. Dennis and Mike Falkner 114.5 pts 109.57lbs $152 7. Charlie and Karen Burns 108 pts 93.05lbs $88 8. Jeff England/ Sam Vaughan 107 pts 100.68lbs $521 9. David McGinnis/ Lee Morgan 93 pts 101.67lbs $221

10. John Brasher 88 pts 86.19lbs $93

11. Jeremy Singleton 72.5 pts 40.94lbs

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