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Lake Purdy Fishing Reports

2-26-24 Lake Purdy Fishing Report

Exciting Fishing Report from Lake Purdy: Big Bass Action and Crappie Movement

Experience the thrill of angling at Lake Purdy as the season for big catches is upon us! Bass enthusiasts are in for a treat as the bite intensifies in preparation for the spawn. Additionally, crappie are showing signs of activity, indicating a shift from their winter patterns with rising water temperatures.

As the water temps climb into the 60s, both bass and crappie are becoming more active.
While the main lake registers around 58 degrees, exploring shallower, sunlit areas reveals warmer waters ripe for fishing. Anglers are having success with various baits, including favorites like the Berkley Nessie, Cullshad, and Stunna jerkbait. The Spro RkCrawler 50 is proving effective for cranking from 4-8 ft deep on rocky ledges and the Rapala Mayor swimbait is very popular.
Excitingly, we're anticipating new arrivals like the 6th Sense Fishing Pressure Series baits as well as a SECRET bait from Strike King for 2024 that the pros dont want you to know about! Keep an eye out at the bait shop or on our social media for updates!

Thanks to recent warm weather, Lake Purdy is thriving. With water levels back to full pool and lush greenery burgeoning along the shores, the ecosystem is vibrant, offering prime conditions for fishing adventures. Monitoring water temperatures is key during this period, ensuring you're in the right place at the right time for memorable catches.

Lake Purdy caters to every angler's preferences, boasting a variety of fishing environments, from crystal-clear backwaters to shallow grass flats and deep rocky drop-offs. Bank fishing can be particularly rewarding during the spring season, with many anglers landing big bass, crappie, and catfish from the shore. Remember to check local regulations and practice catch-and-release for trophy fish to maintain the lake's population of prized specimens.

For more information on size limits and Alabama fishing regulations, visit www.outdooralabama.com or explore our fishing blog posts for tips on catch-and-release and Lake Purdy fishing insights. Stay updated on the latest catches, upcoming events, and more by following us on social media platforms like TikTok (@lakepurdy), Facebook (@LakePurdy-LetsGoFishing), and Instagram (@lakepurdyletsgo).

Don't miss out on the excitement this spring season has in store at Lake Purdy!
Prepare for unforgettable fishing excursions as the lake comes alive with the promise of big catches and memorable moments. With optimal conditions and a diverse range of fishing opportunities, now is the perfect time to cast your line and reel in your next trophy.



The fishing at Lake Purdy is heating up faster than the weather! Theres been some giant bass caught the last few weeks and thats just the start. The friday night bass contest has seen multiple 20+ pound sacks! Alex S. & Johnny H. had a 26.65lb bag of 5 fish and the next week Johnny caught 20lbs by himself! Its not just the Friday Nights when the big bags are caught either bevause our buddy Howard D. caught a 30 pound sack of 5 fish during a weekday last week! Howard caught a 7 pounder to start the morning off right and quickly caught multiple 5+ pounders to make for 30.1 pounds for 5 fish! The water temp right now is in the upper 80s to low 90s. The bass are moving out to their favorite summer holes to beat the heat and feed up on bait. Theres no better time to whack some biggins than when they school up in the summer. Crankbaits and underspins are working wonders out there when the schools are fired up. When the bite slows down the shakey head wormor dropshot is the way to go. Any kind of finesse style bait can catch some fish when the bite gets tough. The water is fairly clear with about 3-5 ft visibility in most areas. The little rain we have had overt the last few weeks hasnt been enough to keep the water level at full pool. As of the 29th the water is down about 6-7 feet.
The summer is one of the best times of year to catch a giant bass or a limit of crappie or bluegill! Don't miss out on the good times at Lake Purdy, come by the bait shop for tips on how to catch your next personal best! Check out these happy customers and their catches!