Mike Aultman with 37 lb catfish with cut shiner 10/6

More Arrow head hunters; Justin, Parker and Avery Roberts on 9/21


Eric Johnson and Zach Parsons with crappie on August 20
. This picture was chosen at random and is the $100 winner for August

Justin Allums with nice Blue catfish caught on a crank bait while bass fishing

Open 6AM to 8PM
 Lake Purdy Boat Rentals and Bait store is open this summer until 8PM. Now you get to the lake as late as 5PM and still have 3 hours to fish until closing at 8PM

Nice Bass caught and released in August

Sueann Gurganus with striger of catfish caught with rooster livers on 8/9.
Rylan DeLap with 5 lb large mouth caught with a finesse worm on a shakey head jig.

Maurice Becoats Senior and Jr with 8 lb catfish and basket of smaller cats on 6/25
Tyler Wolfe got his 5 pounder on 7/27

  Alicia and April Bryant with nice spotted bass on plastic worms

Derick White with  his 1lb 10 oz Easter Crappie.  Jian Liu's crappie was 1lb 1oz. Both were using minnows.

       Tony Wilson and Charles Gable          Erin Melofsky with Cary and Kevin Yeoman
More stringers of Easter Crappie

Kerry Turner caught this 2lb 1oz crappie on 3/23 using a blue and white jig

Danny Kincaid and Mike Blaikie with spawning male crappie (resulting in black coloration).  They were using red tuffies on 3/16

Josh Collins with 2lb 10oz crappie and 1lb 10oz crappie on 3/18

Jonathan Scoggins with 2.5lb and 1lb crappie on minnows 3/19

First fish for Dylan and his dad Chris Eaton using a medium shiner on 3/18

Clarence Rowe caught his 2lb crappie trolling with Victor Smith on 3/15

Darren Williford with fishing slam (at least one bass, crappie, catfish and bream on the same day) on April 12th using minnows in the Narrows at the end of Goat Island

Tony Moore with April and Chris Bryant with a nice stringer of bass and crappie on Sunday 4/11/16

April Fishing opens with Beautiful Weather and

Good Fishing

Trevor Pinkster with one pound crappie caught using a Road Runner Jig with John Pinkster in the first week of April.

John and Dan Hubka with double limit of crappie caught in shallow water 3/10 with minnows.

Charles Whetstone with his limit on 3/12 with minnows

Byron Mize with 2lb and 1.5lb crappie using his hand tied "Rone's Jigs" available for sale in the Lake Purdy store.

Mike Wilson caught his 18 one pound or better with tuffie minnows on 3/12

Eric Johnson with his buddy, Zach Parson pictured below, caught their crappie limit on 3/12 using Bobby Garland jigs (monkey milk).
More Crappie this Week
Dogwoods come into bloom

Paul Viciglio and Scott Novak with stringer of bass, crappie and bream on 3/6/16.
  Read about their secrets in the Fishing Report below.

Chris Drott caught his variety of fish on the solar bees using worms on 3/4.

Michael Bacher and Frank Haywood with 1 1/2 lb crappie caught last weekend.

Jonathan Scoggins caught a limit of crappie on 2/27 using minnows on shallow trees.  The two fish pictured above weighed over 2 lb each and were caught in 2 feet of water.

Jazmine and Landen Burley with a nice stringer of crappie with minnows on 2/27

Brandon and Eli Brazil with Bass and Crappie caught trolling a crank bait 12' to 14' deep also on 2/27

Wesley Wolfe caught this 5lb 9oz large mouth on 10/31.  In November you can win $100 for the big bass of the month.
Jeff Jones caught his 3.5 pound spotted bass with a square billed crank bait on November 8th.  But he wanted to release this fish after snapping the picture so this does not not qualify for the big fish of November.  Come and take it.

Kenzie and Spencer Harris with stringer of Bream from the Solar Bees using crickets

Jeff England caught this 7.44 lb large mouth night fishing July 10th

Nick Wolfe with 5 lb 2 oz large mouth caught and released
open 6AM to 8PM Tuesday-Sunday
Closed on Mondays

Jack Taylor with 5.75 lb Large mouth caught and released with a crankbait

Gary Detwiler caught over 40 bedding bream and shellcrackers on May 3rd with worms and crickets

Piper and Ken Powers with another bass caught with minnows

Marcus Lane 4 lb 6 oz Spotted Bass on Top water lure (Rapala Skitter Pop)

Toney Moore used a Jig and pig to catch this large mouth in shallow water above Grantsmill Road.

Wesley Wolfe caught and released this 4 lb 12 oz large mouth.  He was using a crankbait on Saturday, January 24th.
Brandon Rogers with 2 of the twelve bass he caught this week on the coldest day of the year.  He was using a Strike King X-D crank bait near the Grantsmill Road Bridge.
Kayaks are simple and fun to rent
only $15 for two hours for single or $25 for a tandem
Wear a swim suit because you will get wet
Must wear a life jacket (bring your own pfd or use ours)
Don't carry anything you don't want to lose or get wet.

David Moore Jr with 4lb 6oz large mouth and 3 nice spots with a fluke Nov 5

Jon McMillen with 2 big bass and Tyler Cox with Catfish caught with jigs on November 2nd

Richard Fields with 6 lb 5 oz Large Mouth Bass on Crankbait

R J Blackburn with 3 lb 6 oz Spotted Bass he caught with a lipless crank bait Oct 7
Our Guide Gary Goodwin went on vacation last week and caught this black tip shark. He's back now and ready to help you get your memorable catch at Lake Purdy.

Mike Williams with 3lb 5 oz Bass on Lavendar Shad Norman Deep Little-N, 7/27
Bentley Beste with her father and fishing guide Anthony Beste

Kevin and Ricardo Monteagudo with a Catfish and Bream using worms 7/26

Walter Penton with 2 lb 6 oz Catfish on July 17

Howie Latham with 10 oz Spotted Bass on Lipless crankbait 7/26
Kenthefisher with wild brown trout caught in Colorado last week.  My apologizes to the Lake Purdy web site viewers for not updating the site last week while I was fishing for trout in Colorado.
Molly Keller with her first bass on top water frog 6/22

Fathers Day Big Bass
  Caught and Released by Philip Jones, 7 lb 2 oz on top water Frog.

Byron Mize with 7 lb 10 oz Blue Catfish.  Read tip below to see how he caught it.

Memorial Day Weekend Photos

Garret Langer with 6 lb 3 oz Large Mouth on Spinner bait

Brown Sr with 1 lb 11 oz Crappie on jig

Jeno Ashley with 1 lb 15 oz Crappie Memorial Day

John Thomas with a crappie limit 15' deep on 3/5

Randall Primous with slab crappie 3/5

Zach Parsons and Anthony Costello with a double limit on 3/7

Darren Williford with 1 1/2 lb Crappies on 3/8 with minnows
First Weekend of March was Big Bass Time
Michael Miller caught this 23 1/2 lb. Stripe bass with a Rat-L-Trap on 3/1/14.

Jeff England caught and released the biggest Largemouth of this year, 8 lb. 13 oz

Mike Wolfe caught and released his 6 lb 7 oz

Garrett Langer got his 5 lb 4 oz bass on spinnerbait

Wesley Wolfe with 7 lb 13 oz largemouth caught and released on February 22nd. 

Dan Hubka got this 2 pound plus crappie along with 50 others while fishing with a friend on 3/19.

Xinhua Yin with one of his slab crappie using minnows this week.

Tom Beato sent us his picture of a 5.5 bass on buzzbait on March 15th, The Ides of March.

Beware the Ides of March

Good time for family fishing

The Shermans, Anne, Marti and John, caught a triple limit of bass on their first day out, March 15

Brothers, James and Isaac Whetstone, caught their limit of Crappie on March 15

The Plums: Olivia, Lonnie, Tracey and Devin, caught a 4 1/2 lb bass with a homemade yellow worm on March 15

Father and Son, Wesley and Micheal Wolfe, caught and released their 6 lb plus bass on March 15

Steve Webster with a limit of bass on March 10th

Starting March 9th new hours are 6AM - 7PM

Myles Dye with one of the slab crappie he caught March 10th

Tabitha and Tristan Summerville with 2 lb crappie caught with a minnow from the bank.

Mike Goodwin, valued friend and employee and brother of Gary Goodwin, passed away Saturday, December 7th.  He will be missed by all who knew him at Lake Purdy.  He was a legendary fisherman, and resourceful mechanic who kept our boats afloat and underway.  For nearly fifty years, Mike with his father and brothers caught and prepared fish from Lake Purdy for his friends and family.  He  was the master chef for his three daughters, Tina, Heather and Rachel, his brothers, Gary and Greg and his sister Paula.

Mike Goodwin caught this Monster Flathead Catfish with a Bill Norman Crankbait

Zach Parson caught his limit of crappie on Thursday 8/29 with Bobby Garland jigs

Alert: This Labor Day weekend kicks off the start of excellent fall fishing at Lake Purdy.  Large amounts of small shad schools have been spotted this week.  This late season spawn of baitfish has the crappie and spotted bass on the move and feeding up.  Zach Parsons, pictured above, caught his limit of crappie using Green Bobby Garland jigs which are about 2 inches long and a good match for the current crop of Lake Purdy shad.   Weather should be ideal this weekend as well; calm winds and possible cloud cover in the afternoons. 

Rylan and Luona caught these bass using a Carolina rigged Zoom lizard in the heat of the afternoon 8/20.
Bass Fishing Tip;  Fish with a plastic worm or lizard in 15 to 18 feet of water at the end of points or at the ends of trees fallen into deeper water.  Rylan, pictured above, used a Carolina Rigged lizard.  Others favor a shakey head jig or Texas rig. The main thing is finding the right depth which has been 15 to 18 feet in the middle of the day.

Rudy Williams caught a bunch of nice shellcrackers on a Rooster tail last week.  His biggest was 14oz, just missing the $50 Instant cash award.

  Christy Smith got $50 Instant Cash on Saturday for the

5 1/4 lb bass pictured below.  Hurry out and get your cash before we run out!

Another $50 Instant Cash winner

Tony Lajoe won $50 Instant Cash for this 5lb 13oz Bass 8/15.

Joshua May with his first Lake Purdy Bass on a Chartreuse pepper finesse worm

Jay Johnson used a plastic worm to catch 6 lbs of Bass on Sunday, July 28
Luke Moore with 6lb 1oz Largemouth caught with a Green Pumpkin lizard May 22. Luke won $25 last year in the Kid's Cash for Lunkers Contest.
Sibling Rivalries
First Lake Pury fish for Wei Je and Wei Chee Chen and McConnel and Jarred Gou fishing with their friend Rylan DeLap

Look for bedding Shellcrackers in shallow water, 3 or 4 feet deep.  The beds will look like pie pans on gravelly bottoms often tucked up under a tree or a sloping bank.

John Wilson Caught this 2 lb 3 oz Crappie trolling with a crankbait on May 16th.
Chris Bryant used a chartreuse and white spinnerbait to catch this 5 lb 9 oz largemouth on May 13th

Mike Wolfe caught and released this 6 lb 10 oz Largemouth on a Buzzbait 5/9/13. The same day he also caught and released a 5 lb 10 oz and a 3 lb 11 oz Bass.

  Pretty Good Day.

Garrett Langer Caught and released this 7lb 6oz Largemouth on May 5th

Jordan Johnson caught this 2 pound Catfish and slab crappie from the bank of the Lake Purdy Boat Landing on May 11.
Alex Moore with 2 lb 11 oz Spotted Bass on plastic Lizard on April 16.

This week's crappie lunkers include clockwise from upper left: Kevin Campbell, Chris Bryant, Joseph McDaniel and Steve Adaway.


Garrett Langer used an Alabama Rig to catch this 5 lb Spotted
Bass on 3/20/13

Zhyong Liu and Yuan Yuan 2 lb Crappie from the Boat Landing slough

Dan, Daniel and John Hubka with triple limit of Crappie caught with minnows on shoreline tree tops on Wednesday 3/20

Matthew Nabors with slab crappie 3/22/13. Read how he did it in the fishing report

Victor Smith also had a good day trolling with jigs on a cold Friday

Chelsea Swann used a minnow to catch this 1 lb 14 oz crappie on Spring Break

Larry May caught his 1 lb 12 oz crappie with a minnow on 3/19

John McDonald 3 1/4 and 2 3/4 lb bass Feb 9th

Tim Isbell with 4 lb Bass on November 24th

Hoyt Elrod with 3lb and 2 1/2lb Crappie

caught trolling with white jig on 10/12/12.

Gary and Mike Goodwin  with Bass limit caught with crankbaits on December 5

Mike Wiliams with 8 lb Catfish caught by trolling a Norman Crankbait Dec. 2

Christy Smith with 4lb 4oz

Catch & Release Bass
6 AM to 5:30 PM 6 days a week
Closed Mondays for the Winter

Book a Guide trip with Gary, Rich, Ken or any of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides at 991-9107

Cash for Lunkers for Kids
Four lucky kids won $25 in the August "Back to School" Cash for Lunkers contest: Luke Moore with a 2lb 5oz Spotted Bass, Kenton Bueche with a 2lb 3oz Largemouth, Corey Maxwell with a 3lb 1oz Catfish, and Ayden Dean with two
1 lb bass.

Used 9.8 hp Four Stroke Nissan for sale $999.
Used 25 hp Four Stroke Mercury with electric start and only used 10 hours, $1,999.

The Burgos family caught a stringer of catfish on 6/11/12, including these two big Channel Cats, 4lb 12oz and 4lb 11oz. They won $100 for the biggest catfish of June.


John McDaniel with Shellcracker and Crappie on Crickets

Kita Jones with 2lb 7oz Crappie 3/15

Randy Attaway with Nick Bosque and Brian Attaway with Shellcrackers caught 4/4/12. Biggest 1lb 1oz.

Corey Maxwell with 3 lb Catfish and 2.5 lb Bass on Shiners 4/21/12

Ali Lewis with 1lb 5oz shellcracker on 3/31

John Wilson with 2 big crappie caught trolling on April 13th

Perry Brown with 6 3/4lb Largemouth caught and released 3/7 on a spinnerbait.

The New Alabama Rig got these bass for Clint Pilkington

Crappie in November.

Erie Willis has been catching his limit of crappie on almost every trip to Lake Purdy this fall.  See the Fishing report and get fishing tips for your next trip to Lake Purdy.  Next week your picture can be here.


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